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Welcome to TNG-Centre®.

With the view to promote Buddhism and the dispensation of the teachings of Lord Buddha in general, Tibetan Buddhism and the teachings transmitted by the Karma Kamtshang lineage in particular, Lama Sangyay Tendzin created THEG-CHOG NORBU LING®, a small semi-monastic community in the Haute Valley of Aude, a couple of miles away from the village of Fourtou.

This project comes as the realization of a vision born in Lama Sangyay Tendzin when he first met His Eminence the XIIth Kentin Tai Situpa in Sherab Ling in 1981.

Progressively, TNG-Centre® developped into a Resident community counting 10 members who are practicing daily in open retreat while taking part to the development of the Centre facilities through the practice of Karma Yoga.

As of today, TNG-Centre® is represented internationally through a series offiliated centres called 'Dzongs'. Lama Sangyay Tendzin committed to provide continuous support and visits these 'Dzongs' regularly.

  • In Switzerland, TNG-SUISSE, is established legally since 2010. It is operated by a committee under the presidency of Miss Claire VANNAY. 
  • In Malaysia, TNG-IPOH was established as a religious society in 2011. It is operated by a committee under the presidency of MM. Dato HauHian LEE and Dr. Chin Yong TAN.  
  • In Arizona, TNG-PHOENIX, is established since year 2000 and operates under the benevolence of Kristine MATTILA.

Lama Sangyay Tendzin works at the establishment and development of these Dharma Centres, bringing new students to engage in the traditional meditation practices of his lineage under his supervision.

Due to steady practice, most sangha members engage in the 'Ngöndro' or preliminary practices to Vajrayana Buddhism. In accordance with their abilities and personal involvement, those who are completing them are then progressively introduced to the traditionnal training of the Karma Kamtshang Lineage.

Presently, the resident community of TNG-Centre®  compte 10 members practicing daily in open retreat while taking -part in the deloppement of the facilities of the Centre through sustained karmayoga practice.



All Religious activities held at "TNG Centre®" are operated under a French Cultual Association 1905. All other non-religious activities such as hosting cultural events and seminars, are operated by Association 1901 DRA TAGPA RITRU®, legally registered and audited since February 2000.


TNG-Centre® is located in the South of France, near FOURTOU, a village of the "Haute Vallée des Corbières" in the French department of Aude.

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Concept : Philippe DANAUX aka Lama SANGYAY TENDZIN - BRUSSELS - B

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